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Only half the Audio Book available. Is that intended?

Only half the Audio Book available. Is that intended?

Hey guys, 


maybe you can help me. I was listening to that Audio Book called "Totenfang" by Simon Beckett (german version) and after half of the tracks it just stopped. So I looked it up and apparently there are only half the tracks available, and the other half are greyed out, so you can not play them. I was annoyed, because now I could not finish the Audiobook, but still I went to another SImon Beckett book and was about to start it off when I saw that it was the same with "Der Hof". Now that is really annoying. 


So my question is: Is that how it is supposed to be? Why would you even say, that this is the "uncut version"? Is the intention to force me into buying the book? I hope it is just a mistake. Else I would be very annoyed... 😞


Thanks for helping anyway!

Simon Beckett Totenfang Screen.png
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The day before yesterday everythings works fine. But now same issue as you. Support is contacted by me.

Same issue with my mobile phone. I logged in with my laptop and then it worked fine. So only with my spotify app on the mobile phone the problem appears.

now it works! thank you Spotify Team!

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