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Other customers devices showing up in my device list

Other customers devices showing up in my device list



This issue happens randomly, but more often than not. When playing back music with the Spotify application on a Windows platform, other customer devices, such as computers, cell phones, etc... randomly appear as options for me to push music to. This normally hijacks my session as well. I have never seen these devices or know whom they belong to. It is preventing me from listening to music, and also sounds like a huge security flaw.


Is this occuring to anyone else, and is there any way to resolve the issue?


Worth nothing that I am on a private network, and am am familiar with every device connected to said network. None of which are the devices displaying in the list.



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I recommend that you go to your account page and select Sign Out Everywhere.

After that, change your password to make sure no one else uses your account.

Thank you, I will do that.

This just happened to me, I am worry about the security of Spotify service now.

I'm having the same problem for more than 3 months now. I've already signed out all devices and my spotify account is linked with my facebook account, which means that I get notifications whenever someone logs in, and this is not what is happening.


About 8 times a day other user's devices show in my device list. After choosing my computer as playing device everything goes back to normal.


This is really annoying taking in account that sometimes our playlists merge together.

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