Part of starred tracks disappeared


Part of starred tracks disappeared


Hello there,


I am using an older desktop version of spotify (v. on my windows laptop to listen to music and to star tracks which are then added to my favorites. Using that old version, this has worked perfect and very snappy for years.


However, yesterday I deleted spotify from my desktop and installed the latest spotify version to add some new playlists (which is not possible with the old version I use > not the actual problem). 



Running spotify I found out that the starred tracks I added after 2016-07-12 till 2017-01-01 (yesterday) do not appear in my starred list anymore (~200 tracks), all tracks I starred earlier do appear (~2600 tracks). I decided to reinstall the old version (, expecting the missing starred tracks to appear again, unfortunately this was not the case.


Viewing my starred list using the web app player, the latest Spotify client on another desktop or on a mobile device all results in the same problem. Hereby I have to admit that this was already the case for several months (the starred list was not updating on other devices since ~ 07-2016 when I added tracks with my laptop running the old desktop version ( This was not a problem for me since I use my laptop 99% of the time for spotify. My laptop always showed me the correct starred list even after logging out from spotify or after rebooting the laptop, until I deleted and reinstalled spotify yesterday.


So it seems to me that the tracks I starred over the last months were not "pushed to the cloud" when using my laptop with the older spotify version. Is there any possibility to recover these tracks I starred in the period 2016-07-12 till 2017-01-01 ? Maybe they are still present in cache-files or something on my laptop?


Any suggestion to get my missing tracks back is more than welcome.


Thanks in advance,