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Particular playlist hardly shuffles

Particular playlist hardly shuffles



I have a playlist that is almost 50/50 'Five Finger Death Punch' and 'Lamb of God' (I'm not after judgement about my music choices). Ive noticed that when I shuffle this playlist the shuffle is ALL FFDP songs (in a seemingly random order) and then ALL LoG songs (in a seemingly random order). I dont know how to fix this and I cant seem to find anything online. It does shuffle the playlist except it does not give a mix of FFDP and LoG. Why does this happen? Its getting rather frustrating.


The screenshots I have attached seem a bit overkill, but they are just showing the entire 'shuffled' playlist queue up until it switches to Lamb of God. I had to skip the third screenshot because I can only upload 3. The last screenshot is the one that shows the change in artist and that the queue is shuffled. 

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Spotify 'random' 1.png
Spotify 'random' 2.png
Spotify 'random' 4.png
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Yup. Search shuffle in this forum and you will see that there are many people who agree with you. And spotify wont do anything about it. 

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