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Play ALL songs in a FOLDER with PLAYLISTS

Play ALL songs in a FOLDER with PLAYLISTS

It is possible on the desktop app and I believe it was once there... why has it gone and will it be brought back?

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Hey @grjbb


What device are you referring to? 🙂


I just tried, it does work on desktop clients, you just need to click on the folder's name and hit 'Play' on the opened playlist folder page.


Keep me posted!

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This works on a desktop but I don't see a play all button within the app. Is there any other way to do it ? I've been frustrated by silly things like this for years. I also would like to be able to search for a specific song within my "all songs" folder but it only shows results for the names of the individual playlists within that folder. So frustrating.

But is it capturing all songs from all playlists in the folder? I'm using this feature currently, but I don't believe it's queuing all of the songs, or does spotify not display all of the songs in the queue but seems to be a smattering from across the folder. 


As an example, I'm doing this with a folder of "This is" playlists totaling >15 artists and their collections. There's a decent number of the artists reflected in my queue, but not all of them and maybe 50 songs total when there's certainly hundreds in the folder.

Well, Connolly5156 wrote it works on PC and was asking for device APP. I don't see (but want!) that functionality there (Android Spotify App).

Hey @vsm1sa4m!


Thanks for reaching out.


Right now, we don't have the option to play all tracks in a playlist folder on mobile, but it does sounds like a handy feature.


If you'd like to see it implemented you can leave your vote here


If you want to know more about how ideas work, feel free to take a look here.


Hope this helps. Cheers!

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