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Playback Problem Windows 10

Playback Problem Windows 10



Since today I suddenly have a Problem with my Playback in Windows 10.

I did not change anything. Yesterday it worked - not today...

I turned on of the PC and reinstalled spotify - no change.

I can can choose to play it from Windows via spotify connect on my surround receiver and that works fine. But when I try to play it on my Speakers, connected to my PC, it's just skipping the whole Playlist. And it does not matter which Playlist I choose. Also the download of any Playlist does not work.

I already deleted the cache and put it on an other HDD - no effekt.

German client: "Spotify kann dies zurzeit nicht abspielen. Wenn sich die Datei auf deinem Computer befindet, kannst du sie importiern."


So, how can I fix this suddenly appearing problem?

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Hey @Pelee,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


You mentioned you already tried reinstalling Spotify to tackle this, but have you also tried a “clean” reinstall? 


If you haven't, check this Spotify Answer to find out how that works for your Windows 10. Deleting any remaining traces of your current Spotify setup and then installing the app from scratch might likely do the trick in this case.


Let us know how you get on. We'll look out for your reply and be here if we can help any further!

Mario Moderator
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Hi and thanks for the quick response.

I searched everything, but I could not find any remains of Spotify.

So this Windows was 100% Spotify clean. Tried again - same Problem.

I can start the App on Windows and tell him to play it on my receiver or on my Phone and it works properly. But I can't play it on my connected speakers.

Tried to connect my Bose Bluetooth speaker. Youtube works fine - spotify still not working.

Same problem here, worked for 10mins when I got home then suddenly all I get no matter which song I choose to play is "Spotify can't play this right now" and something about importing.


I've made no changes to my computer since it worked this morning before work and I have premium.

I think this is a similar problem...after about 15 minutes, Spotify changes the artist altogether but with no sound:(

Hey @debmarci @Twisp 


I'd suggest checking if your audio device is set as default in your audio settings:

1. Right-click on speaker icon on Taskbar

2. select Playback Devices

3. ensure the device you use is set as default.

4. restart Spotify.


Spotify uses default devices and if the one you're using is not set as one, skipping can happen.


You can also try muting an unmuting Spotify from the volume mixer at Taskbar, then restarting the program.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

I have the same issue (also tried clean reinstall).

Web Player is working fine. I can control the web player and my phone from the desktop client. But it won't play music on the desktop application. Directly jumps to the next song without playing anything and so on...

UPDATE: Found another thread in the help forum, preseting the solution to run Spotify as administator (right click on the Icon and select "rund as administrator") - see:



Original post:


I have the sampe problem. It appeared first on Sunday (13th April) or Monday (14th April). 


My OS is Windows 10 64bit.  I have plenty memory left (well over 100GB). My firewall does not block Spotify.


Following I tried:

  • I logged in and out. 
  • I restarted Spotify, aswell as my computer.
  • I checked my Audio-Devices to be configured correclty.
  • I de-installed Spotify and then re-installed it with freshly downloaded installer.


Nothing helped the problem. Spotify Web works just fine.




Perfect, that fixed it.

But why suddenly...?

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