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Playing from search results of a playlist

Playing from search results of a playlist

On windows while using spotify I was able to ctrl f, filter the playlist and play from the filtered one. But today whenever I try that it keeps playing from the original playlist. If more explanation about this function I was using it to play a specific artist from a playlist that has many artists inside.

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I have the same problem hope it gets fixed. I have like 1800 songs and sometimes I want to listen to a specific artist and this makes things worse, I don't want to click one by one to add them to the queue

You can hold shift or cmd before clicking, to select multiple songs within the search results of the playlist and thén add those to the queue. I know this isn't a solution for what OP asked for but may make our current 'solution' on this some more friendly to use.

I have about the same problem, when I search something and start playing from the search results, only the first result is played, it is strange/anoying.

I think a user search with results should be treated like a playlist.

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