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Playing/pausing a song laggy (10+ seconds), slow app load times, only works after a clean reinstall.

Playing/pausing a song laggy (10+ seconds), slow app load times, only works after a clean reinstall.








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Windows 10


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When playing or pausing a song, it usually takes 10 seconds or more for the button to register no matter how many times I click on it. It's just plain unresponsive. Neither do the media keys work any better. Skipping any song is the same nightmare.


The app itself also loads unbearably slow. More than a minute for the app to load playlists/settings/home/anything after it launches. It's frustrating to say the least when the spotify web player works flawlessly and the desktop app is just horrible.


I never had any of these problems before I updated to 1.1.9. When i was still on 1.1.6 it worked normally and now i can't roll back.


I have tried many "solutions", enabling/disabling hardware acceleration, music streaming quality, deleting files, local file storage, and no matter what i do the only thing that actually works is uninstalling it through revo uninstaller and removing every last file left behind and reinstalling. But the problem always comes back the next time i reopen spotify.


EDIT: Its been a few years but the problem was a VPN - AdGuard. I believe either using the VPN or the AdGuard DNS was screwing with Spotify, worked fine after removing it.


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ya... mine too, using windows 10 as well. but i dont blame you Spotify, it could be Windows 10 that causing these... don't worry 'bout us Spotify, we can wait minutes for the program to start, and then wait a couple minutes again to browse, and then wait for... 

lol Spotify,

you go ahead  try solve the issue, meantime i'll do my best to tolerate.. 😉

Hey, same issue here, I'm on Windows 11 and have spotify premium. I try to pause/play/skip songs on the desktop app, and it takes ~5-6 seconds to respond. Aside from a slow initial startup, all other functions seem normal.





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Have you tried removing the app's cached data to see if that would make a difference?
Follow the steps from here and then restart the app.

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This is still very much broken 🙂 The shuffle, repeat, play/pause, prev/next buttons have an awful amount of lag before responding (the next song plays, etc).

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