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Slow Windows 10 app.

Slow Windows 10 app.


My Spotify app has been extremely slow lately, songs won't play for seconds after I click them and music doesn't play/pause for long pauses after I click on the button, artists won' t load either, nothing at all. 

This started from nowhere, really.. I've tried reinstalling the software, trying the standalone Spotify software but its slow aswell. Deleting Spotfify folders in appdata, turning hardware acc off.. etc.. Spotfiyt worked buttersmooth on this computer for about.. idk? since spotify's year 1? so, yeah, i think this is on spotify, not user end.

I've tried everything i can so far, so i only have one question: is there any real solution for this? or going to Tidal is the only one? there are A LOT of people with this issue, is spotify really going to stay silent about this??!!

im using the last version before anyone ask. i know how to use a computer and tried a BUNCH of so called "solutions" for this problem, so there is no use for  "oh, reinstall spotify" kind of replys. 



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Hey @battaglin,


Thanks for reaching out. We are happy to help so that your app runs smoothly again 🙂

You've done some great troubleshooting so far - that really helps us out a lot! Now, we suggest you try to clear the hosts file. Entries there might be causing this behavior of the app. You can find the steps on how to do this here.


You should also check whether this issue comes up on both the Microsoft Store version of the app and the one from our website. If the app is still running slow, please leave us a comment with the exact version you have. 

We hope this helps. Should anything else come up, just leave us a post.


Have an awesome day!

Mario Moderator
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Yeah I've tried both versions. Both slow. (Microsoft Store Version)

I have exactly the same problem. For the last few days the Windows app (non-store) is incredibly slow. Every action takes 3-10 seconds to respond - even pausing a song. The play timer continues to count for a few seconds after pausing, and the song details often show the wrong song / art.


I have contacted support 3 times about this already (via live chat) and they have been unable to resolve it. I'm not sure what else can be done.


It is really frustrating that it is not being taken seriously: the app is unusable and I will not continue to pay for this service if the issue is not acknowledged and resolved quickly.


I have done a clean re-install, checked hosts file, checked my network, rebooted, etc etc. I have also tried a Spotify Test Account, to check the problem isn't with my account. I am unable to use the Windows Store version. 

Exactly same boat, tried all of those so called solutions.
And, yes, EVERYTHING is slow, from loading the My Artists section to simply lowering the volume, for example.
I've posted this exactly same post 2 times already, unfortunately don't have any hope this is going to get fixed now.

Hi, we have both responded to this -0 could we have a staff reply please?

@Mario - could we have a follow up reply from staff please? The Windows app is unusable and it seems this problem has not been acknowledged. Thanks.

For me, this problem appears to be caused by Trend Micro anti-virus. But, it would be great if Spotify could test and resolve this apparent conflict. Thanks.


bump... **bleep**..... 




Same problem here with the non-store Windows 10 version

Searching a song takes about 10 seconds and playing is also very slow. I tried reinstalling with no success.


I'm glad to pay for this service but  I'm afraid that the services quality worsens over time. Such issues have been around for years.

I've had the same problem for at least a couple of months. The app was so slow that I simply quit using it. Today I have installed the latest update ( ) (I received the notification through Filepuma by glarysoft), and the app is less slow, not fast, but at least it works in seconds and not in half an hour as it was before. I´ll start using it again to see if it works more normally.

Same problem with version
Switching to Deezer for the moment. Already transfered my playlists to Deezer

Not solved in version 

I too am having this problem, on version


All spotify / fastly entries in hosts are commented out, this changed nothing, as they were always commented out for me.

Problem fixed (slow search) on windows 10 program version, yay! 🤘🔍🎶

This is still very much broken 🙂 The shuffle, repeat, play/pause, prev/next buttons have an awful amount of lag before responding (the next song plays, etc).

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