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Playlist Picture

Playlist Picture

How do you copy and save the collage playlist picture that Spotify creates.  I DO NOT want to add a new picture. I want to save the current one to post on fb.

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Hey @stroberts3 


The easiest way is with the web player - you'll have to use the Inspector tool that's built into both Firefox and Chrome, probably other browsers too.


I don't know what browser you're using, but in Firefox it goes like this:
1. go to the web player, log in, navigate to the playlist with the image.

2. Find the Inspector from Tools - Web Developer

3. It opens at the lower half of the page and looks like this:


1) this is what you can use to select an element of the page. Use it to click on the playlist picture.

2) it highlights a part of the website code that's responsible for this element. You can see the picture url here, or
3) you can find the url here too.


Then all you have to do is right-click on the url and save the image. : )


To close the Inspector there's a little X at the upper-right corner of the tool, or you can simply close the tab and it'll be gone.


If you need assistance, let me know and I'll help you further!

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