Playlist created on desktop not syncing


Playlist created on desktop not syncing


I have this same issue....added a new playlist name to the desktop application and it propogated fine to the web and other devices.  However, when I added a bunch of songs to that playlist on the desktop application, none of them propogated to anywhere else.  All I see is an empty playlist everywhere but in the desktop application.  I'm using the windows version.

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Re: New songs added via spotify mobile to playlist do not appear on desktop playlist, and vice-versa

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Just moved this out of a thread in the Android forum as I feel it sits better in the desktop section.



Any help for this user guys?

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Re: Playlist created on desktop not syncing

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You might try doing this. Highlight the first track in the problem playlist in the desktop app and choose select all from the Edit or key board shortcut Crtl+A, and drag and drop all the songs from the problem playlist into a newly created playlist and see if all your apps now see everything correctly. If everything is showing up fine with the new playlist, delete the troubled one after making sure everything is showing up correct.