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Playlist is repeating songs when REPEAT is off!

Playlist is repeating songs when REPEAT is off!

I am playing my "Liked Songs" playlist... Repeat & Shuffle are off... yet the queue is repeating songs. Not only is it repeating them, but not all of the songs are playing before they repeat.


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Hey there @DadOfSeven


Help’s here!


You can start off by running a clean reinstall on your PC to make sure you get the latest Spotify app version with all necessary updates. Check out this help page on how to do that. 


If this persists after the clean reinstall, check your hosts file for entries that need to be deleted. Simply follow the steps described here.


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.

I did not have those entries in my host and I am now on Spotify version:

I'd also like to mention that this same situation happens when I change the device I am listening on.. Just yesterday, I was listening on my desktop and then I had to leave to run an errand... When I started playing the music through my mobile device, I got songs that I had just heard while at my desktop. It is quite frustrating when I have 4+hrs of music on a playlist and I get the same 4 or 5 songs within an hour.

Hey @DadOfSeven


Thanks for keeping us in the loop. 


If you experience this across multiple devices it's worth checking if you observe the same when logging in to Spotify with a different account. This way you can see if the issue might be account-related. 


To try this, make sure you create a new Playlist and copy your Liked Songs into it. Then simply follow the playlist after logging in to your second Spotify account and try playing it.    


If it works after trying this you can follow the steps in this Spotify Answer next.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be here in case you need any further help with this.

I have this issue too. I listened to my "Liked songs" playlist in the morning, and listened again later and it repeated a song played in the AM. Shuffle was off I believe.

Hey @appledude9,


Thanks for reaching out.


Does this happen on other occasions as well or was it just this song that repeated once that day? In any case, it's a good follow the steps that @Ivan posted above to make sure that there are no damaged app files and host file entries on your device.


Let us know if the issue persists afterwards. We'll be keeping an eye our for your reply. 

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The specific situation that occurred as noted in my screenshot has not happened again. However, the issue that mentioned about switching devices does continue... I'll post a new question regarding that.

I've had this issue. I've found that if you pause the playlist for a while and play again the playlist repeats the current song and the 3 after it. A temp solution is to pick another song and the playlist runs smoothly then.

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