Playlist keeps on going early to next song

Playlist keeps on going early to next song

I think this may be the playlist, because I can't replicate this on any other playlist, but for the Alok House Party Playlist, it stops at some point before the song ends and starts somewhere in the next song. Can I get someone to either confirm it's the playlist or fix this error? Tried to reinstall spoitify, but it didn't fix it.

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I'm seeing the same issue with this playlist after some testing. For anyone that wants to test as well, here's a link to the playlist:


My guess is that it's to do with crossfade between the songs going wrong. What are your settings in Preferences for "Crossfade songs" (under Show Advanced Settings)?

Crossfade is off, and I tried it on my phone as well. Don't know what's happening.

It was doing the same on my Android.

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