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Playlist "Shuffling"

Playlist "Shuffling"






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Spotify has been "shuffling" a playlist I have. I will go to play it in order, and the songs play out of order in a patterned way. A song will be skipped, then the queue will go back to that song, and so on and so forth with the skipping and going back. This is only happening to one of my playlists, which I find very odd. And if I start the playlist on a song other than the first song, it will still play in that pattern, meaning if I start on the right song, there is a song or two that won't be played due to the skipping. Does anyone know what's going on?


Edit: Sorry, wow, I figured out the issue fast. I had the songs sorted by length. So if two songs both have a length of 2:34, then it appears Spotify might switch them around. That being said, it still leads to a lot of confusion. I suppose that's something that could maybe be worked on.

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