[SOLVED] Songs under artist that are not liked

[SOLVED] Songs under artist that are not liked




Czech Republic


HP Probook, Xiaomi Redmi 4X

Operating System

Windows 8, Android


My Question or Issue


If I choose Artists I can see a lot of songs by some artists even though I have not liked so many songs of that artist. When I click on the artist and look at the list of the songs, there are even some tracks appearing twice (the title of the song is only spelled slightly different e.g. with first capital letters). 


As an example, in the screenshots you can see that Spotify show 96 songs for this artist. When I open the list of the songs of the artist, you can see I liked only 15 of the songs. Finally, in the last pictures you can see the same song appearing on the position 55 and 82 (the title is just slightly changed).


Why is that happening and how can I remove those tracks that I have not liked?











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