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Playlist restarts from first track

Playlist restarts from first track







Operating System

Windows 10 pro


My Question or Issue

 My playlists keep jumping back to the beginning - back to the first track.

This has been a problem on & off for users for years, and no permanent solution seems to have been posted. Very irritating. Makes Spotify unusable, and certainly not worth the fee if this continues.

4 Replies

Hey @user-removed


That's strange!

For me, Spotify only jumps back to the beginning (and pauses) when the playlist ends.


Could you describe a little further what's happening? 🙂


Also, I recommend reinstalling Spotify to rule out any client-side issues. See this article for help.


Let me know how it goes!

Thanks Sebasty.
So: Playlist ordered alphabetically by track. I start listening where I left off last time. When that track ends the next track is the first in the playlist.
It happens in more than one playlist.
Windows 10 pro with a Bose wifi speaker.
Will try a re-install, but that shouldn't really be necessary, and don't have time today!

So, I've reinstalled Spotify, but the problem persists.

This has recurred as a problem for many years. Time for it to be sorted once and for all, please.



I tried following this:

1. sorted my playlist alphabetically by songs,

2. played a few songs in a row from the middle,

3. closed Spotify,
4. reopened Spotify and resumed playback, Spotify continues from the song I had last on.


In short, no issue for me.


However, if you close Spotify forcefully (such as shutting Windows without closing Spotify first), the client won't have your current status registered (such as what song you were on), and that might cause the issue you're having.


If you do close Spotify before shutting Windows down, and the issue is still present, could you tell me more exactly what happens (eg how you have your playlist sorted), I'll try to reproduce it. 🙂


Let me know!

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