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Playlists not syncing across multiple devices

Playlists not syncing across multiple devices






2 Windows PCs, iPhone8

Operating System

Windows 10, iOS13


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I use Spotify on two Windows 10 PCs and iPhone.  All the 40+ playlists Ive created in the past 7+ years are visible on all devices.  My main personal computer has all the playlists with songs Ive added to them.  My work computer and iPhone are a mess.  There are a large number of those playlists on those devices that dont appear in sync with my main personal computer.  Most of the playlists show up empty on those devices.  Some of them contain songs I did not add.  On my work computer, the songs are grayed out in some of the playlists yet they can be played when searched and selected.  How do I get all of my playlists synced with every song I added to them on all of my devices?  Ive uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify but no good.  


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Hello there @jokelly22,


Glad to have you on the Community! No worries - we're here to help 🙂


We'd recommend you start off, by logging out and back in to force-sync your account details on all your devices. 


If that doesn't do the trick, it'd be great if you could try a clean reinstall of the app on every device, following the steps here.


Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

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