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Unable to play music due to ads not playing

Unable to play music due to ads not playing

I use the windows 10 desktop app and recently whenever I get an ad (I use the free version) the ad will NOT play, this means that in order to resume my music I have to completely restart Spotify to continue playing my music. The ad timer displays 0:00 and does not move, even though the pause/play displays the pause icon indicating that the ad should be playing. 

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Hi @Zaharlangan

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

I'd recommend performing clean reinstall of your Spotify app. It's different than regular reinstallation.
Just find your device in this article and follow the steps provided there. 


I hope it helps! 

Using free Spotify on Samsung A70. Ads just stopped playing after months of uninterrupted listening.  I have done two uninstalls including one clean uninstall etc as detailed above.  Ad will not play after the watch this video for 30 mins of uninterrupted listening lead in.  Shows pause / play button but no response. It means closing and starting again

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