Poor Sound Quality on Windows PC


Poor Sound Quality on Windows PC


Plan Premium Country New Zealand Device (HP Laptop) Operating System (Windows 10)



When listening to music on my laptop, the sound quality is terrible on the Spotify app when listeing through headphones. It sounds perfectly fine with the same headphones on my phone, and sometimes the sound quality is fine, but most of the time it sounds washed out and concert hall like. Or how it sounds when you're listening through really bad headphones, kind of distant. 

I've tried changing the music streaming quality back to automatic, turned the normalize volume off as suggested in another forum, I've tried changing the sound settings on my laptop too. Nothing works! please help 

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Re: Poor Sound Quality on Windows PC


Same problem in US.  Premium accoun, latest Windows 10 build, bluetooth headphones.

The sound is clear and fine playing MP3, Skype calls, Zoom, YouTube and only degrades when playing music through Spotify app.  Tried Spotify web player - same problem.   Listening Spotify music on same headphones through iPhone - no problem.  So it appears only affecting Spotify on Windows.