Popups too invasive


Popups too invasive

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Dear all,

I understand that the free service is a great opportunity, and I can happily deal with audio advertising :)


The "problem" comes with the "visual" advert, a.k.a. the popups that appears on the (Windows) desktop client.

It wouldn't be a problem to click on the times symbol to close it, except that the popup reappear in a very short time (<2 minutes).


Is it correct? Should it really work like that?

IMHO, this is a bit to aggressive..


Thanks for your support,


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Re: Popups too invasive

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Hey there @romankovic, welcome to the community!


Do you mean the option to show announcements about new releases? You can disable it from Edit > Preferences > Display Options. Capture1111.PNG




Hope that helps :)



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