Possibility to help correct the release dates of albums

Possibility to help correct the release dates of albums


hey there,


i noticed especially in the hip-hop/rap genre that many many release dates of albums are insanely incorrect.

Is there any way to inform spotify about the correct ones and thus helping them to correct their database?


I think many users would appreciate having the correct year of release of an album.



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You can report any content errors/issues such as these directly to the Spotify content team using the instructions outlined in this topic. Once you have submitted a query, the content team will investigate and then pass any needed details over to the record label to request a correction/change if needed (so it can take some time unfortunately!). 

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Release dates are notoriously inaccurate.  Old rock releases, for example, usually, though not always, show the year of the CD release, not the original LP release.  I suppose it depends on the content provider.  Drives me nuts, especially since Artist pages are nearly always sorted by release date.

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