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Possible solution to SOME local files missing.

Possible solution to SOME local files missing.

Okay, so I've been syncing my local files and for some reason there's always been a few songs missing, like 1% or something.

It's not that they're another format than mp3 iether.
I've finally figured it out. Maybe it's old news, but I wanted to spare someone else the trouble.
Apparently Spotify for Windows
(I'm using (Microsoft Store-version) )

Do not recognize mp3 files if any of the file extension letters are capital.

All the mp3s that were missing were named iether xxx.MP3, or xxx.Mp3 (i guess xxx.mP3 woudn't be rcognized iether).<

My solution was to download the "search everything" software to be able to search for exact matching word ("match case") and searched for ".MP3"  and ".Mp3" to find all the wrong files and then I used a renamer software to rename them all to .mp3 in one batch.


You might also want to make sure that the file extensions are showing.

Hopefully it helps someone.

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Hi @Oates13,


Thanks for posting this. I know I've run into the occasional post from users experiencing similar issues to this, and this could be very helpful information to have when troubleshooting, as I never would have thought of the case of the file extension being a potential source of difficulties. Great suggestion, and I'm glad to know this helped you access your music!

dinomightSpotify Star
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Dude, I've been looking for a solution for this for ever. This fixed exactly what the issue was. Some of my soundtrack folders had capped extensions. Thanks a ton, buddy

I'm very happy I could help!

Great find, thanks for sharing it! 🙂 This is also true for *.m4a files, just checked. Note that they can either have lossy AAC or lossless ALAC encoded content, so that is a way to use lossless local files with Spotify. If you have a lot of local FLAC files, there are some free converters which do not change the audio quality, as ALAC and FLAC are almost the same format.


Note that these "missing" files can of course not be scrobbled with the feature for Spotify Scrobbling which works fine with local *.mp3 and *.m4a files and their internal ID tags.

Imagine converting your music collection to use a music player in 2020... Software**bleep**.

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