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Premium Listen Along Not Working Properly

Premium Listen Along Not Working Properly

So my boyfriend and I recently purchased 3 months of Premium so that we could listen along together. Problem is it's not working properly.


We're both using Windows 10 Desktop, joining via Discord. We've tried both the app and web version of Discord, both have the same problem. When I or he clicks join it sometimes puts us in the others 'room' so to speak to listen together but it never lets us stay. After one or two songs it will just stop auto-playing. I have to basically continually click 'join' after every song just to stay synced up with him.


It's not my internet. It's not online/offline settings... I'm not sure if the problem is discord itself or spotify, but I can't find out how to stream together directly through the spotify app which frankly I find rather silly if there isn't actually a way to do it. Though maybe I'm missing it.


Not sure how to fix this but I'm not really inclined to purchase premium in the future if this is how it's going to be. I love spotify though, hoping there's a fix for this!

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Still an issue.

Alright so basically you gotta play a song first then you can join someone

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