Premium account but no valid profile ???

Premium account but no valid profile ???

Help! I have a premium account in Spotify. It says "The specified user does not have a valid profile ???


Also.. Spotify does not post on my activity log anymore even if I re-toggle the switch and removing the app and adding it again. 


How do I fix the problem? :(((

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Hey @aliyanavarrooo, thanks for being a part of the Spotify Community! That's no fun. Lets start with getting you logged into your Premium account. Have you doublechecked your subscription page as a first step?

I have this exactly same problem.

Spotify worked just fine yesterday, but today I got this same error message.

I use Spotify on Win10.

Exactly the same problem here...

Same issue! Uninstalled the app, and go the exact same error when I tried to launch Spotify after reinstalling.

it is fixed now after i restarted my laptop 🙂 . thanks anyway!

I have the same problem and I do use windows 10 as well...

What does it want from me 😞

I get the same issue:

"C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\SpotifyAB.SpotifyMusic_1.66.478.0_x86__zpdnekdrzrea0\SpotifyMigrator.exe

The specified user does not have a valid profile."


Windows 10 - spotify music app, downloaded from the microsoft store.



I have this same issue as well. Is it something to do with windows 10? or maybe it is caused by an external issue? like drivers, or internet security problems?

Hi @adaruto96 and crew, thanks again for posting to Spotify Community. I've escalated this thread to a moderator to advise on this recurring issue with Windows 10. 

yeah i got the same problem :((((((( rip tunes

Hey everyone on this thread! First step to try is a reinstall if experiencing trouble with Windows. Let us know how that goes!

I have the excact same problem and it keeps saying 504 Gateway Time-out when I try to get onto my account

Reinstalling worked for me. Thanks.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app did not work for me 😞  Getting the same error message.

Hi I reinstaled the app and its still not working and still comes up with the same message. it only happens when spotify is downloaded from windows store

I've got the same problem, but i've also had it with the "Slack" app in win10 store before. Reinstalling the app did not work for me either.

Same issue here. Reinstalling and rebooting didn't help.

After reinstalling, this worked for a couple of months and now I am experiencing the same problem. Tried reinstalling from the windows store again and this has not resolved the issue.

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