Problem of the connection after the update.


Problem of the connection after the update.



after last update application for window, there is a connetion problem in internal network in my work. All application users in my work have this problem and it is a large corporation, so there are many users too.

Before last update everything was ok. Can You write, what change could have caused an error?

How can I fix this problems ? 


Additional information:

login and passwort are corect - I can loggin on browser and mobile application.

I can't make change into network, because it must be save, and administrators make it reluctantly.

Reinstal didn't fix promlem.

I attach the screen 


I hope halp me. 



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Re: Problem of the connection after the update.


Hey @Yakubus, welcome to the community!


Do you get the same screen if you type your username and password, instead of the full email address and password? Also, is the Spotify app set as an exeption on the antivirus or firewall used by the desktops?


Keep me posted.

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