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Hey guys, I have problem with installing Spotify. Before when I started app, it said that "SpotifyInstaller has crashed" but I got annoyed so I decided to uninstall and reinstall Spotify. Now, I can't install the app because "SpotifyInstaller has crashed". Does anyone have same problem like me? Or do you have any solution for this? Thank you for response



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I'm having the same problem, I use windows 8. So far spotify support was really bad, the made me reinstall my windows, and some other problems came up and still couldn't install spotify. I recommend you to chat with microsoft online support, the can help installing these apps, and if there is a problem they will do anything possible to solve it. I haven't got the chance to do it, but they helped me with the issues when reinstalling my windows. I think I will just use spotify web player for a while

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