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Problems with large playlists/song libraries

Problems with large playlists/song libraries

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I realize that this is somewhat of an issue of how I approach using spotify, but this has somewhat caused me some nuisance. I currently have a pretty large playlist (~3K songs and growing). I usually Like new songs and add them to the playlist later on.

However, I've noticed some issues recently. I've been missing out on quite a few songs from my liked song library, because CTRL-A doesn't select all the songs in the Liked song library, only in chunks (the chunks appear pretty random and sporadic). Same with Shift selecting first and last songs. In both cases, only songs that have been loaded are selected (which is somewhat understandable), so in order for that to work, you kinda have to slow scroll the entire list first instead of using the scroll bar to scroll down to the very bottom, and that takes quite a while with the amount of songs I have. What is worse, after selecting a big list of songs, the right click context menu stops working altogether. I tested this with a smaller selection size (~100 songs), and it worked fine. After some more testing, I've noticed that the context menu started slowing down as more and more songs were selected. In the end, I actually got the menu to finally show up with all the songs selected, but it takes 1-2 seconds after clicking for it to show up.

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Second this. Menu>Edit>Select All, CTRL+A, even grabbing the start of a playlist and scrolling to the bottom, selecting the last song while holding shift–none of them work to grab all the songs in my playlists. At most I can grab 1,000 songs, but it's always in random sections or chunks. Makes creating new playlists or curating my liked songs a pain.

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