Proxy settings for login

Proxy settings for login




I've downloaded spotify on my windows computer at work. But we have a proxy here and spotify refuses to connect.


How can I change those **bleep** settings? The login screen gives me no settings, just mail + password for login.



Can anybody help? Please!



Kind regards,


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I tried all the solutions here but none seems to work in my case.. Always says that the Service isn't available when I added my proxy settings. I'm pretty sure that the settings are correct, since I use the same for other programms aswell..


I'm logged into my home wifi which is working fine on every other device except spotify. So I uninstalled it, restarted my computer an then reinstalled it but now I ca't log back in. I'm definitelynot a technology person but I managed to get my windows firewall to accept spotify now i just need to fix the prox settings. The problem is I have no clue what to type where it says "host" and "port" Does that vary depending on where you live?? 


Just in case anyone is having this issue in 2016 I figured I would share that I got this issue fixed by using Spotify's proxy option under Advanced Settings.


By default Spotify didn't work behind my company's streaming firewalls, however (on a mac anyway) under Preferences > Advanced Settings > Proxy > ...I put in my proxy information, which of course you have to know if you're having this problem at work as well. However it worked after that. If you don't have the info maybe speak with any network administrators or IT department you may have at work.


I didn't have to delete any files or do something like that.

Guys i know how to fix the problem i was trying to find the proxy type and i found this site that says it. 

Go there and follow what to do, hope it works for all like it did to me.

Does no one that actually works at Spotify check these forums? This thread has been going since 2012 and people are still having problems. I'm listening to the web app now, have the desktop app downloaded, but can't login. I would assume if I can listen to the web app, its not blocked.


Don't know if anyone else is having any trouble. I just went to "Preferences", added my proxy settings, saved the proxy settings and it worked like a charm.


This is not solution but just workaround. Still needs to be fixed by Spotify

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