Can't open spotify with facebook login behind a proxy

Can't open spotify with facebook login behind a proxy



 I have a problem login in to spotify app (on windows 7) on my work network (obviously i can't control de proxy settings).

The same computer on my home network (no proxy) can login perfectly using the facebook authentication.


i have my suspicions that it's a problem between browser>spotify client>proxy settings>facebook


but i don't know how to work arround it.


i tried severall things:


- reinstall app

- setting differents browsers as default.

- ticking/unticking the internet options for autodetection of the proxy settings.

- be logged prevously to facebook and spotify.


none of that worked.

if someone can help me?


thanks in advanced.

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I've solved it. It's more a work around, but works.

I took the notebook to my house where there's no proxy and made the first login there, then, took it back to work and set the proxy, worked like a charm.

It's not a perfect sollution but it worked.


This is not solution, this is workaround. Spotify still needs to fix this bug!

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