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Quick way to queue song

Quick way to queue song

How come Spotify still hasn't a quick way to add a song in the queue? Clicking the song title with the right button, highlighting the "add to queue" and then clicking again looks simple but in fact becomes a lot tedious and not practical at all when creating a quick temporary playlist.

Suggestion: while holding ctrl or other specific key, clicking on the play button doesn't automatically play the music, but instead ADDS it to the queue. I bet many users would like this feature implemented. How about it?



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this is a fantastic idea and im having the same problem, wish i could use it. sad this hasnt been implemented yet, or an alternative 

Actually unreal that there is no shortcut for it. The closest I've got is that you can drag and drop the track onto the very small queue button in the lower right corner, but it becomes slow due to how precise it is.

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