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Recently Played list shows nothing

Recently Played list shows nothing

I am using Spotify on my windows 10 laptop (version: (Windows Store version))


The app mostly works, though I had to turn off hardware acceleration in order to prevent it from crashing my system.


In any event, I've been playing music in Spotify for a week now since attempting to move from Groove. Yet, no matter how much music I play, I see nothing in the recently played view.  It just says "Nothing her yet" and "Music will appear as you listen".


Is there a setting I'm missing to enable the app to record its own history?

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Same problem here. It worked perfectly for years but since last week I get a 'Nothing here yet' message.

Yeah, still no love on that screen. My daughter says she can see the last song I've played, but that's about it.

Yes, same here. Would be keen to know if they could fix it.

Just an update - Spotify updated on my PC yesterday and now there are things showing in my recently played list.  So, it looks to me that they fixed it, at least with the (Windows Store version)

OK, so I have more information here. The recently played list as well as the profile appear to NOT EVER SHOW what you play if you play it from your Songs View/Library.  If you play from an Artist, Album or Playlist it does show up in your recent plays and on your profile.  


I would consider this a bug in Spotify that it isn't showing recent plays when you are shuffling across the entirety of your library. I suspect they'll say it's a feature...

For me, it doesn't show from playlists either.

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