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The recently played list on the Windows 10 app is not updating since my first Spotify use (more or less 3 weeks ago). This is very annoying. How can I solve this issue?

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Hey @user-removed 


I'd suggest logging out and back in to see if that changes anything.


If not, a reinstall might be necessary to freshen things up. 🙂 See this guide on how to reinstall.


Note: Recently played won't reflect playlists or albums you have queued songs from for playback, it will only show albums, artists and playlists you have hit play on.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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I’ve logged out from all platforms several times.

I've already reinstalled the app.

This append in all computers I installed the app. So, it is not a local (computer) problem.

On the mobile app there is no problem.


This is not reflecting on my playlists, but its very annoying to have a list of "recently played artists" at the home page every time I open Spotify on the computer.

There is no reason that Spotify support can’t resolve this problem.

I have the exact same problem. My recently played is still stuck on Christmas period which is ridiculous. Only have this issue on Windows 10, tried removing everything, installing desktop version, or Windows Store version... all the same issue. It works fine on mobile so it seems to be platform dependant.


I have this problem as well (windows 10), for me I even reinstalled my computer and afterwards it was not fixed. Recently It shows the same in the mobile app (android 8.0.0) It is fairly annoying to see the Christmas list in march...


Reinstalling didn't solve the problem. And it seems Spotify doesn't care about it. I'm really annoyed.


I can confirm I am also afflicted with this issue.


Windows 10 app Recently Played section only shows recently played songs from within the Windows 10 app it'self, not across your devices.


I ran a test by opening up Spotify on 3 devices at the same time. Windows 10 app, the web browser player, and the Android app.

I played a random song I've never listened to in my life in the web browser player. Immediately it showed the song playing on all devices - as expected.

What was interesting is, only the Android app (and web player) home screen was updated to show the new song in the Recently Played section. The Windows 10 app only shows the last song/albums played in the Windows 10 app.


I tried this another way, playing a new song on the Android app, and again the currently playing song is updated across all devices. Only the Windows 10 app does not show the new song in the recently played section, whereas the web browser player and Android app do.


Finally, it seems now the Windows 10 app Recently played section will not update even if a song is played within the app. This conclusively shows the fault lies within the Windows 10 app.


+1, issue affecting me on my Windows 10 machine. I'm using the most recent version of Spotify, and this has been affecting me for several releases now. EXTREMELY frustrating.


+1 Facing the same issue on windows 10 desktop spotify version. On web and iOS all is fine. Considering that it seems like a long time issue, I don't think Spotify will prioritize to fix it.


Yeah i got same issue. I did clean install but nothing is changed. Also i got brand new pc and it's same. It's not related to pc/cache/account etc. It's broken on windows 10 and no response from spotify team. They're looking into it...


I wish they would, this issue has been in a "Not Right Now" status for a long time. What a joke.


Has anyone found a way to resolve this yet?

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