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Releasing Bluetooth speakers

Releasing Bluetooth speakers

I have a BEM Mojo bluetooth speaker, and Spotify (basic, playing online) has taken possession of it and won't let go. I have instructed my PC laptop to disconnect and to forget the speaker, and then reconnected, and it is still tied to Spotify so that I can't play anything else, like iTunes, though it. Has anyone else had this problem and successfully fixed it?

3 Replies

If you're playing through the web client as you seem to be hinting at, your problem lies with your web browser.

Can you say more? I don't know exactly what 'web client ' means, and thus how to fix the issue. I have Spotify installed on my windows laptop, streaming on home internet.

Hi. I think I have a bit more information. I've tried to do some testing to clarify the problem.

When Spotify (the installed version) is running on my laptop and I change the volume settings on the computer (a Dell Latitude 5289), a Spotify volume control window pops up. So, for instance, if I try to play iTunes, there is no audio at all. It is as if Spotify has taken over my computer speakers and will not allow any other application to produce audio.

If I fully exit out of Spotify, and then try to change the volume setting, then the laptop volume control appears and I can play audio from other apps. But as soon as I launch Spotify again, it takes over the audio.

Any ideas?



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