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Removal of key features

Removal of key features

Dear Spotify community,

I´m a Spotify user since around 2 years now and it really sets me of how they are dealing with us customers. There are things that are just not justifyable. THERE ARE KEY FEATURES A PROGRAMM NEEDS TO HAVE IF IT CALLS SOCIAL! They removed the notification feature so you cant see new releases, they have removed that you can see who follows your playlist so you are not able to see who likes your taste of music, they´ve removed the songtexts entirely so you can´t see lyrics in the programm while listening. The current state of the Desktop is a shame too, for giving an example I´m using Spotify free and whenever a commercial shows up (I have no problem with that) I cant switch the song or see the artist with the buttons ´cause they´re bugged and stopped to work (they also show the wrong things they´re just "stuck"). I really consider (as a long time premium user) not to use it anymore just because they are dealing so bad with their community. I would really like to hear you guys opinion about that and also the opinion of maybe the devs or something. It really can´t go on like that!

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