Removed songs no longer hidden and play in Albums


Removed songs no longer hidden and play in Albums





Why have you removed the ability to remove tracks from albums?!!!

This was a great simple feature to remove tracks you dont want to listen to.

You should not now be forcing everyone to make playlists for every single album!

It was great the way it was, can you put this option back please?


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Casual Listener

I'm having the same issue. 

Casual Listener

Following this, I came here to say the exact same thing. Why this functionality was removed I have no idea and it is really bothering me that there is no option to enable it again.

Gig Goer

I'm really not happy with this update. Spotify tried this liked songs feature before and received negative feedback so it was removed. WHY bring it back again?


I haven't updated my Spotify app on my phone because of this awful library interface and now it's forced on me through the desktop. 


If Spotify won't revert it, I'll unsubscribe from Premium and find another service. Hopefully they realize they'll lose subscribers if they don't listen!


Same here. At first I thought this was a bug, but I did a clean install on both desktop and mobile, and it seems like a deliberate change.


I listen to music on album basis, and I delete songs from Saved Albums, when I feel like they're a filler or simply just don't like them. I could always restore them via View Full Album option, if needed.


Now all my Saved Albums play songs I don't like. This is really annoying. I need to know whether this is deliberate and permanent change, because I'm ready to cancel my subscription because of that.


Same problem here. Please give us back the ability to hide album tracks we don't want to listen to!


Same problem.


With all of these people upset and lots more who just didn't post to this thread, why is Spotify taking away major and basic features like this and refusing to put them back in when people complain?  This is so frustrating.  We should be building around a system where the community has a say, not an unelected corporate oligarchy dictating top down how it is going to be and not considering even the most reasonable feedback.  I am so sick and tired of this **bleep**.  If we are going to have corporations, we need to force them to be a symbiotic part of society, not hostile dictatorships just looking to exploit the masses and using paid off governments to enforce their selfish and destructive to society version of the rule of law on us.

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I've found solution that works. I've cancelled my spotify subscription and went to Google Play music. I've found every single album I had on spotify, but unlike spotify, Play Music allows you to remove songs from saved albums.


Have fun! 🙂