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Removing song from my daily mixes

Removing song from my daily mixes

This is driving me crazy. 


I listen to Spotify while working (meaning, I use the desktop Windows app). Since I like expanding my music horizons, I frequently use the Daily Mix feature (nice!). However, there's this dozen or so songs I absolutely loathe and hate with a passion... and they keep appearing over and over again


There used to be a "dislike" button, or a "don't play this artist" or "don't play this song" feature, but I simply cannot find it anymore.


The promise "the algorithm learns from you" doesn't work either, since I constantly advance (forward) the song and play the next one (this should be a telltale for the algorithm?), but alas, they come back like zombies.


Dear Spotify... I'm giving you my hard-earn money: what can you do about this? Has anyone in the community found a solution for this? 

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Hey @bcnblanc!

Thanks for bringing this up in the Community 🙂
We currently have an Idea about this - check it out and leave a vote!
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