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Repeat Track Disengages After Hitting Next Track

Repeat Track Disengages After Hitting Next Track




 New Zealand


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Windows 10


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 Hello! Just got (back) into Spotify with Premium. Unfortunately, I am experiencing unexpected behaviour when using Spotify's repeat single track function. When I change to the next (shuffled) track, the repeat single track function is disengaged.


This runs counter to what I normally experience with media players; typically, the next track will remain on repeat. (I mostly use SoundCloud, YouTube plugins and Poweramp but have seen this behaviour in WMP and Plex too).


I consider this feature to be very important to me, as I very often like to listen to tracks multiple times before changing, and having to alt-tab back to Spotify after each track is very tedious (I use keyboard media keys to change).


Thank you!


EDIT: I should also add I am running version

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Hey @NoooneyDude, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are doing great!


That is the expected behaviour as that's how the repeat feature works on Spotify and not only 🙂


However, if you would like, you can submit your idea about this feature in Idea Submissions board or support it if this idea has been already submitted.


Hope it helps 🙂

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