[ SOLVED ] Delete local files from Spotify? [Windows 10 Desktop]


[ SOLVED ] Delete local files from Spotify? [Windows 10 Desktop]


Managed to delete the local files by opening "local-files.bnk" in Notepad, delete everything in the file and overwrite the empty local-files.bnk! Location: (C:\Users\*Windows Username*\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\Users\*Spotify Username* 

I'll let this here for people with the same problem.


For some reason Spotify keeps adding my Music collection in Local files, it makes the program use ridiculous amounts of Processor and Ram usage. 

With music collection i mean loading 27.000+ mp3 files totaling on around 300GB everytime i start Spotify.

How can i keep Spotify from loading my music files and delete all current songs from the list? Because this is becoming very frustrating.  

Tried the following solutions:
- Turn Off all "Local Files" settings in settings menu
- Delete Library references in Windows itself
- Delete "local-files.bnk" in AppData map
- Reinstalled Spotify multiple times (Including CCleaner whipe, deleting all Cache and profile files)
- Renaming and relocating Music folder

Thanks in advance!

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