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Saved Songs No Longer Appear in Artists Section; Bug Or By Design?


Saved Songs No Longer Appear in Artists Section; Bug Or By Design?

At some point, presumably due to an update, the Artists section under Your Library stopped displaying all the artists whose music I have saved, and now only those I have followed appear.


Furthermore, when I now click on those artists I am taken to their page, whereas before it would show me a list of all the music I had saved. I've checked and all the music is still saved, so why is the Artist tab now acting like this?


I've tried re-installing on desktop and that did nothing, but rolling back to a previous version on Android fixed the problem, so I'm worried that this is in fact something the devs have intentionally done, for some bizarre reason.


EDIT: I've just rolled back to a previous version on Windows and now the saved songs are appearing as they should, but I'm still only seeing Artists I've followed displaying, not everyone I've saved music by.


EDIT 2: Why has this problem been marked as solved when the 'solution' just says 'lol you cant do that anymore soz'. That's like a hospital considering a surgery successful because the patient died and is therefore no longer suffering from their malady.

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You state, "We regularly run updates to improve your experience with the app."  I give this update an "F".  Calling this an improvement is like the sign at the bank that says, "to improve customer satisfaction, we have reduced our hours".  You've reduced functionality.  That's not good.

I have "liked" a bunch of songs, and when I went to the Artist page, it would group them nicely in an icon-tiled format, and I could scroll through the icons quickly and play either all songs from one artist, or bounce through them.  Now, I have to go to a lengthy list of songs, sort them by artist, scroll through hundreds of text lines, and play.  How 1990's.

If you're going to provide a degraded experience, perhaps you could set a software switch on the Artists page so we can either choose it the way you think we want it (wrong), or the common-sense way, which has worked forever.


Just wanted to add that I'm another person who will be exploring changing streaming services for music if this change is not rolled back. I often want to listen to music by a specific artist...but only the songs I like from that artist (or same thing, but with album). The easiest way to do this is to simply look up the artist (or album) and go from there. And now that basic feature has been taken away. This has to be one of the most idiotic software "improvements" I have ever seen. 

improve your experience

Please explain how hiding the list of albums in my library improves my experience.

I don't have very much to add, because the community appears to share my feelings about this wretched update. I have 8000+ songs, and I prefer to listen to music by album. The artist section allowed me to keep track of and find what I wanted to listen to, but now I can't even remember all of the artists that I have saved. I would love to see Spotify suffer until this is resolved. 

I am not sure which is worse...taking away a feature and making an app actually less user-friendly; justifying it by saying you're improving user experience; or the indifference to users' negative reaction to this.


Really poor from Spotify on a number of levels. I'm sure a mass exodus would make a difference, but I imagine many people feel a bit locked in to the ecosystem and aren't wanting to go save/download thousands of songs on another platform. 


What's clear is Spotify DOES NOT care about its customers. 

I switched over to Spotify from Apple Music a few months ago. The reason was because Apple Music was easy to use, however, Spotify had more available to the consumer to help discover more music. In other words, I got more for my money. When I began to switch over, it took me three days to go into Spotify and “re-like” all of my music I had on Apple Music so I would not permanently lose my music. Once i switched, I absolutely loved it!! 


However, the very next update happened; and I lost all of my artists. When I listen to music, I go into my library, find the artist I want to listen to, and shuffle through their music I already told my platform I enjoy listening to. Now, those artists are gone.


so, Spotify, you’re telling me that I spent three days switching over from Apple Music only to have you take away features from me one month later? You’re telling me if I want to listen to a specific song I have to look through my entire library of songs? That’s over 3000 songs. What if I can’t remember the name of a song, but I know who it’s by? I have to re-search the artist? Or what if I can’t remember the name of the artist I want to listen to, but I know that if I see the name I will remember it? I will never find that song.  I’ll be switching back to Apple Music. You can keep your playlists to yourself. 

Are you ever going to fix this? Clearly your customer base is not happy with this update. Get**bleep** together.

What's up, Peter? We're all still wondering when you're going to make this fix. The actual fix. Not your work around.

This continues to be an absolute cluster @#$#. Take away a basic feature for browsing your music harming usability. Not only did the change lack any logic, but then no concern for your users when they point out the service we pay for has been crippled. 


And the closest thing to a workaround would be creating playlists for all of your artists. But that does little since on the phone App you cannot put them in the order you want (e.g., alphabetical). 

Yeah your "Solved" answer is not good enough.


I'll be switching streaming services if you don't sort this bull**** update out. Totally pointless and ruined how I use spotify.


Not good enough

You all realise there is a monatory reason behind this? It's an obvious marketing ploy, the only explanation for such a dumb **bleep** change to the app. I hope it results in more lost customers, vote with your feet!

You all realise there is a monatory reason behind this?


Yeah, I assume there's more $ in being a recommendation service than a music player. If so they should work on making the recommendation feature compelling on its own merits.

Nice. Proof that spotify does not actually give a flying **bleep** about their customers' opinions.

You have to be joking Spotify, you're telling us the bug is feature?  In what universe should a music library not have a sort by Artist function?  This is literally the basic function of a library.


Our current options are:

1) separately click follow on every artist we have saved an album from

2) sort albums by artists, which doubles, perhaps triples (or more) the amount of scrolling required to find the item.


These are garbage options.  Please bring back the traditional functionality that every other music platform ever uses.  I understand you are trying to encourage use of the follow artist functionality, but this is a horrible way to achieve that.  Everyone on this thread agrees, we should be able to view a list of Artists whose songs/albums are saved to our library.  End of story fam



I agree with EVERY OTHER COMMENT on this one. I hate it. I don't remember ALL the artists I've saved and I would like to be able to see them all. I don't want to have to roll back the updates and disable them from downloading more because that's a huge pain for a service I've paid for. There should be a saved artist tab. It's ridiculous that I have to search for my saved songs.


That defeats that purpose of saving them.


I might as well go back to pandora if this is the way this player is gonna go. 

You guys need to hire new UX designers, this is ridiculous, how is removing something everyone used an improvment? If I click on an artist I want to hear only songs that I've liked from this artist, now I have to search through sometimes multiple albums to find one or two songs. But don't worry I've found a solution, Amazon music!

Between this and Saved Songs turning into a playlist I'm ready to be out. Does Pandora have better functionality than this garbage?

I mean, it's just radio. But they don't make a habit of taking basic
functions away from their paying customers.

I registered just to voice my utter bewilderment and disgust with this update. 


As people have said, this is quite clearly a way for artists to get more followers which is no doubt tied in with Spotify making more money in some way. Hence the reason this update has been universally panned and yet they are not doing a single thing to fix it after months.


I've cancelled and gone to Apple Music. Congratulations Spotify on ruining a perfect interface and alienating all your customers. Top work!

Also adding a comment to say how frustrating this update is. Really don’t like how I can’t find any of my artists - I really don’t want to have to go through and ‘Follow’ them all. The original UI was much more intuitive. I’ve been a premium user for years but may have to move to Apple Music if this isn’t resolved - I’d much prefer to see all of my artists and albums in one place than to stay loyal to Spotify ‘just because’.

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