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Saved Songs No Longer Appear in Artists Section; Bug Or By Design?


Saved Songs No Longer Appear in Artists Section; Bug Or By Design?

At some point, presumably due to an update, the Artists section under Your Library stopped displaying all the artists whose music I have saved, and now only those I have followed appear.


Furthermore, when I now click on those artists I am taken to their page, whereas before it would show me a list of all the music I had saved. I've checked and all the music is still saved, so why is the Artist tab now acting like this?


I've tried re-installing on desktop and that did nothing, but rolling back to a previous version on Android fixed the problem, so I'm worried that this is in fact something the devs have intentionally done, for some bizarre reason.


EDIT: I've just rolled back to a previous version on Windows and now the saved songs are appearing as they should, but I'm still only seeing Artists I've followed displaying, not everyone I've saved music by.


EDIT 2: Why has this problem been marked as solved when the 'solution' just says 'lol you cant do that anymore soz'. That's like a hospital considering a surgery successful because the patient died and is therefore no longer suffering from their malady.

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@RubberDuck0 Because they have no care for customer satisfaction. 


“Solved” aka please stop complaining about this feature that doesn’t exist on Spotify and yet exists on every other music playing app ever.  Thanks Spotify!

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