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On the 8th of February stopped scrobbling music from Spotify. I reset both and Spotify applications on the 10th of February and now scrobbling is working fine. However, only a few tracks appeared on as scrobbled on the 9th of February. Is there a way to get missing scrobbles back?

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We'd suggest you try reconnecting the application to your Spotify account. It's important to make sure that the app is removed from the list of your approved apps before you reconnect to Spotify.


If that doesn't help, you can head here and try the workaround @hans-jürgen mentioned.


Hope this helps. If you have questions, you know where to find us.

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Re: Scrobbles missing on


The usual fix when the web API connection loses sync between your and your Spotify account is to disconnect and reconnect Spotify scrobbling in your connected apps settings, sometimes also trying several times with pauses in-between.

This method can only "cache" up to your last 50 tracks of your Spotify listening history available via web API. If you have scrobbled more than that in the meantime, these are usually lost.

There is a more complicated way of importing your Spotify listening history from the JSON file that you can request from the Privacy support of Spotify. You would need the free Scrubbler desktop tool to do that as well which is only available for Windows or use Scrobblify, an online tool which also recognises the JSON format of Spotify files.

An easier method would be manually scrobbling the missing songs with the available tools, Scrubbler or the online tools like Universal Scrobbler and Open Scrobbler. They have access to external databases, too, so if you scrobbled albums, you can simply look them up and add their tracklists instead of typing each song manually.

Last but not least note that there is also a new support forum for these kind of questions.