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Scrolling issues when using Wacom tablet


Scrolling issues when using Wacom tablet

3 weeks ago

I've had slight problems for a while - most notably the inability to scroll with my Intuos' scrollwheel (it scrolls the sidebar regardless of where the cursor is, or where I last clicked), but I could always scroll correctly with the scrollbar.  Now, however, in the main panel, when I grab it with the tablet and pull down, it scrolls up instead.  When I pull up, it scrolls down.  I tested with a mouse, and it behaves as expected.  Clearly Spotify thinks my tablet is a touchscreen interface, which it absolutely is not.  This makes it genuinely difficult to use (just like when Apple made their scrolling reversed on the touchpad - guys, it's not actually a touchscreen).  Any ideas what's going on?  It wasn't doing this yesterday.

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Re: Scrolling issues when using Wacom tablet

a week ago

Having the exact same problem with a Wacom Bamboo tablet.