Search hasn't worked well for weeks


Search hasn't worked well for weeks

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I'm running desktop Spotify (version on a laptop running Windows 10, and about 80% of the time when I type something into the search bar it just shows me the "searching" circle forever and never actually searches. I have left it for hours without it completing the search.


Things I have tried thus far with no consistent success (sometimes it'll let it work for like two searches but then it freezes again):

- Logging out and back in

- Closing and reopening the app

- Updating to newest version of Spotify

- Clean reinstall

- Switching Internet connections

- Turning off hardware acceleration

- Turning off my VPN


This has been the case for weeks now, if not months, and I've found nothing to help me figure out what could be making the search fail so consistently. Any ideas?

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Re: Search hasn't worked well for weeks


I'm having this problem as well and it's been months.... Any solution please?

Re: Search hasn't worked well for weeks


I am also having this issue.  I am unable to search for other users or certain songs/artists.