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Search not showing all relevant results

Search not showing all relevant results

I've been having ongoing issues with the search results in Spotify, this is happening both on my Windows and Android devices. If I type Maranatha! Music I can find all 20 praise albums...except Praise 6 and Praise 7. They are not listed anymore. However I got lucky on Praise 7 because I had saved the songs from it into a playlist. I loaded the playlist, selected a song from Praise 7 and was able to open the album and play any song. However I cannot locate the album by simply searching for it.


Is this an issue with Spotify or is there something I'm missing? It's rather annoying and occurs with many artists. Thanks for any ideas.

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wow, came on here with the samequery/problem,and I was wanting to play maranatha singers!

bless ya!!

Wow that's interesting. I have contacted Spotify support multiple times and they told me they were working on it, but it's been over a year.

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