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Sharing a playlist with one person

Sharing a playlist with one person


Is it possible to share a playlist with one person via a link or something, and let them follow it so that they are the only person who can listen to it?

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Hello @ulysseslc!


You can share playlists with your friends so both of you can upload songs and listen to them together! These are called collaborative playlists. In addition, you can make them private or not so people can listen to it or not. You can learn more about collaborative playlists in the attached image.


Hope this helps and have a nice day, Jose 🙂

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This isn't answering the question. Is there a way to share with 1 specific person? Asked another way: are the only options to share: (1) with followers; (2) the public at large; or (3) no one?

Share - Copy Spotify URl.   You get direct link to playlist. spotify:playlist:1234567890123456789012.   Give this result to your friend privately. Not 100% guarantee it stays private as Spotify always changes something in updates and mess up things that worked for years. Also you and friend should double check the playlist show as: private or something. This should work.

Not sure if this is the correct place, but as this question is almost the same I will ask it here anyway.

Can I add specific users to contribute to a list. Currently, it seems you can either work on a list by yourself or set it to collaborative mode which means all other spotify users can edit it. I want to share a list with just one friend, meaning that he and I can only edit the list while other spotify users can listen to it without editing it.

Hey @Djenssen,


Thanks for posting here 🙂


Currently there is no option to select users who can edit the playlists.


We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us and we'll make sure to pass it on to the right team.


You can also check this idea as it seems similar to your suggestion. You can add your +Vote and Subscribe to the thread so you can stay up-to-date with any with any relevant news about this.


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Sorry, but seems ridiculous that there is no way to share a playlist with specific individuals.

I can just imagine how that board meeting must've gone...

Suit 1: "Great news, fellow Spotify executives! Users can now collaborate with every single other Spotify User to add all sorts of ridiculous songs to their once perfectly curated playlists. Huzzah!"

Suit 2: "That's excellent, Sir or Madame, but what if Users would like to collaborate on playlists with just a few select friends whose tastes and education in music they respect?"

Suit 1: ".... why would people want to do that?"

Suit 2: "I just thought..."

Suit 1: "You're fired"


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