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Showing unavailable songs

Showing unavailable songs






iPhone 8, Windows Desktop

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iOS 12.2, Windows 10

My Question or Issue

There appear to be numerous topics around this but none of which provide a satisfactory answer. There is a setting on Spotify "Show unavailable songs in playlist" that can be enabled/disabled - this feature, of course, only affects Playlists. But for example, if their is a complete album, for example, the Album Below:  - which lists 56 tracks, only 12 of which appear to be available; why is there no setting to also only "Show unavailable songs" or "Show unavailable albums".  Ignoring the frankly ridiculous responses about licensing and region locking, why do the remaining unplayable tracks still appear in the album list when they cannot be played? If my premium licence fee still does not allow me to access these albums/track, why show them? This is frustrating, especially when it appears completely arbitary. Provide a feature to hide ALL unplayable songs. If my Australian money is not good enough for the artist/distributor then I do not want to see the tracks. Barring this, at least provide an explination as to WHY the track is not available. This will allow subscribers to provide feedback to the artist/distributor as to why they should allow this media to be accessible to the country/region.

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