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Shuffle Not Working

Shuffle Not Working







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Windows 10


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On desktop, while looking at my Songs, i click the shuffle button and it turns green, but songs play by artist order. When I go to view the Queue, it's all in order by Artist. When I Click into Queue and select all and delete, a new list pops up also sorted by artist.


On my PC, shuffle does not work. This is true on my work computer as well as my home computer.  On my Samsung S6, shuffle does work. 




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Also, i can shuffle play on my PC by clicking "shuffle play" on my phone and listerning on my pc. But setting shuffle from my PC, either PC, does not work.



Try restarting your device, if that doesn’t work, try reinstalling Spotify:


Let me know how it goes

I regularly restart my machine. I am an IT professional.


I uninstalled, rebooted, then reinstalled Spotify.


When I opened it for the first time, the play button was grey'ed out. When I clicked shuffle.. it was still greyed out.. when I selected a song to play, it played. When I hit Next with shuffle on... it just goes to the next song in the list.


Also, to reitterate: it's occuring on two seperate machines in two seperate locations.


This did not resolve the problem.

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