Shuffle is not really random

Shuffle is not really random


I posted about this problem earlier but nothing was working so im trying again with a different angle 😉 

Yesterday i added 10-12 new songs to my playlist, and ever since, i havent heard any of the new songs on my shuffle play.. 

I even downloaded the songs, added them to a new playlist but nothing makes it play any of the new songs, so i have to manual select them.. makes them play it fine and then shuffle chooses another of the old songs and stays down there 😞 


This is VERY anoying.. 

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Hi, it seemed that you try various options already. Do this newly added songs play if you try playing the playlist "not" on a shuffle mode? Let's test if playing it that way will skip those new songs or not. Then we can figure out the next step 😄

One thing you can do is put only those new songs on a new playlist and test the shuffle if it works. Then finally add the remaining old songs you want in that playlist. 

Goodluck! 🙂


If i disable shuffle the songs just plays fine ^^ 

Tried adding the new songs to a new playlist and shuffle worked fine there to 🙂 


Great, you can now add the remaining songs you want to be included there. Then test again if all the songs are being played 🙂

Please accept my reply as a solution if it helps. Thanks 🙂


I have posted about shuffle function before aswell.

And since a few patches ago it has been very much worse. Could have been since the function of play similar songs was added after a playlist ended (which i have disabled for troubleshooting).


However for me exactly the same songs plays when using shuffle, but from an random order (So no real shuffle). Starts with the same song and the next and the next is the same every day. And as i mentioned i have over 2k songs in my playlist and when i start a new round the same songs play. After maybe 4h play it stops. Obviously all songs have not been played. And to play more i have to restart hearing the same songs again.


So now i don't use shuffle at all anymore and new songs is played, and since i have above 2k songs in my playlist i want the shuffle function to randomize them all so i don't hear the same songs everyday. Which i would say is the whole reason for shuffle to start with. 🙂

This for me is actually a reason to stop using sporify.

So i really hope that i can get an good answer to this problem because the workarounds i use is not how it should be.

Shuffle should shuffle through all of the songs in a playlist, if it is not playable by legal reasons then it should be skipped with an notification.

Hope to hear from someone soon about this issue.




This post did of course not land as intended.

I thought i would reuse a similar post but maybe i should have started a new thread.

Oh well, hope it works?

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