Shuffle mode stuck on certain range of letters

Shuffle mode stuck on certain range of letters

I have been shuffling on my "Songs" section which currently contains around 1,200 songs. sometimes when listening to them on shuffle it gets stuck only playing songs starting in a range of letters.
First it was songs starting with A - D but after removing all the As and Bs it now gets stuck only playing Cs and Ds. And sometime sif i start shuffle and click on a particular song it will get stuck in a range of that songs first later. Currently I am on a loop of every song I've collected starting with F and G.


P.S. I'm not quite sure if this is a desktop or mobile issue as I am listening through my phone but using my desktop to control the music.

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Hey @user-removed, welcome to the Spotify Community!


To start, can you let us know the devices, operating system, and version of Spotify you're using?


Also, try to play music on both devices without using the Connect feature. Let us know if the same thing happens.


Keep us posted. 

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Hey @JulianDavid


My phone is a OnePlus2 running Android Oxygen OS version 3.5.6 an spotify version
The desktop is running windows 7 professional version 6.1.7601 with service pack 1 build 7601 and spotify desktop version


I think it is only happening when connected listening on my phone and controlling with the desktop. I tried just the desktop and the shuffle worked fine


Spotify Connect effectively limits playlists to the first 100 songs, no matter how big the playlist is.  This is a known issue.  Spotify labels the idea to increase the playlist size, "Not Right Now".  See link here:  Go to this link and add your vote to increase the playlist size.



Hey I find that you can fix this by going into an artists playlist and clicking shuffle, it resets the whole situation, and if you go back after doing this to songs and click shuffle, it will be random and have all of the letters again. Hopes this helps I just figured this out myself 🙂

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