[Shuffling] Issues with shuffling on both Windows 10 and Android but NOT iOS


[Shuffling] Issues with shuffling on both Windows 10 and Android but NOT iOS

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Windows 10, Xiaomi Pocophone F1 and iPad 2

Operating System

Windows 10, Android 9 and iOS 9


My Question or Issue

Does anyone else experience the same problem as me?


I listen to a lot of spotify, and I have since release so naturally i've built up a big library of playlists now. I have sorted these into folders representing years or artists or different genres from which I tend to shuffle all playlists in when listening. When I go over to my android phone, i tend to just Connect to keep playing the "shuffle all playlists" kind of thing going on the phone too (Since Spotify keep removing useful functions like that because of who tf knows why). 


Anyways, the problem is that whenever I shuffle all playlists, I feel that all songs that come up tend to come up every time I shuffle, even though it should be well over 2k songs in all of these "shuffle queues".  It feels like it takes about 100 songs maybe and just shuffle that. This however does not seem to be an issue with my old iPad that I use at home for my speakers there. I get a fully functional experience there where I feel the shuffle function works correctly.


Why does the shuffle function on Windows and Android not deliver what it supposed to do while iOS works?

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